Olympic Quest / Lone Star Pole Vaulting


Group Sessions

1.5 hour instructed pole vaulting practices in small groups of 7 or less athletes per coach. The emphasis is upon application of techniques and strategies previously learned in Private Lessons with less detailed instruction but more refinement of technique and high numbers of repetitions. A mandatory independent warmup circuit of event-specific drills precedes each workout followed by coach-led individualized structured progressions of drills and full pole vaults over bungees and crossbars. We do not provide strength and conditioning work due to time constraints but are happy to allow athletes to use our equipment after practice independently for this purpose. All new participants are required to complete one private lesson before being eligible to join group sessions.

Private Lessons

One-on-One instruction tailored to the individual athlete's strengths, weaknesses, and current needs. For athletes wanting to join our Group Sessions, we conduct the lesson as an "orientation" to the system of drills and format used during group sessions. For others, we conduct a brief interview to assess the athlete's background, ability level, and current context to create an action-plan that will best serve their needs. In-depth instruction of drills, technique, video review, discussion, full vaults from various approach run lengths, pole flex testing and/or fitting, and strength training recommendations encompass the potential menu of activities covered in Private Lessons. The duration of the lesson varies by age, ability, and request. We recommend keeping Beginner and young athletes under the Age of 14 to one hour, while athletes in good physical condition age 15 and up often benefit more from 90 minutes. If splitting the lesson amongst 2 or more athletes (maximum of 5) we recommend a 2 hour lesson.

Masters Session

For athletes ages 30 and up, the Masters Session is a group of adults who meet once a week for 2 hours to practice pole vaulting. It is not a formally instructed session, however our coaches will offer feedback and instruction upon request. Only experienced pole vaulters may attend due to liability reasons, however if newcomers would like to learn to pole vault and complete at least 2 private lessons with our coaches, they can then be eligible to participate.

Open Gym

Unsupervised use of our facilities and equipment by request. Minimum of 2 Years of Formal Instruction REQUIRED for eligibility. All participants must be Age 18 or older, and have current training experience or an endorsement of their ability to safely participate by a respected coach. Cost: $30/2 hours. All participants and guests must sign a waiver of liability/assumption of risk prior to participation.