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Scheduling Help

Go to www.instant-scheduling.com
If you look above the "Email" blank field, it says "No password? Get a new one!" Click on "Get a new one!" and the following box will pop up:
Type your email into the blank and click "Generate New Password." The following box should pop up:
Close that popup box then check your email inbox, and if you don't have an email from no_reply@instant-scheduling.com, then check your spam or junk folder. The email will contain a new password. Highlight and copy it, then go back to the Instant Scheduling website and type in your email and paste that new password in the field below your email. Click "Log In" and the page will then look like this:
Click the tab that says "MY ACCOUNT" then you'll see this page:
Click "change your password" and another box will pop up:
Type in a new password you can remember easily in the "New password" field, then type it again in the "Confirmation" field, then click the "Change password" button and you'll see this:
Close that popup box, and then click "Log Out" and it will bring you back to the Login page. Type in your email address, type in the new password you selected, and I recommend checking the box under password that says "keep me logged in" and then click the "Log In" button. That will bring you back to the home page:
Click on the "APPOINTMENTS" tab at the top, and if you have any appointments set up under that email address, it should list them like in the following example:
If you should need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, click on the day and time of that appointment like in the example, and a box will pop up like this one:
Then you can click on "click to reschedule the appt" and the pop up will look like this:
You can then follow the normal routine of scheduling a new appointment. If you need to cancel, from the previous box you would click "click to cancel the appt" and the pop up will look like this:
Then you can type in a reason for the cancellation and click "Cancel the Appointment." Then the pop up box will look like this:
That's it. As long as you’re on the same device or computer, when you go to the instant-scheduling.com page you should be logged in with your password and can immediately make new appointments, review, cancel, or reschedule existing appointments if necessary.