Olympic Quest / Lone Star Pole Vaulting

Current Athletes

Adolph Hoffman, Lone Star and Senior Olympics vaulter, aims for world record.
Born in 1923, Adolph has his eye on several big meets in the future. 2010 KENS5 article on Adolph.
Cyndy Barton
Maia Berry
Thalia Berry
Larry Bonnett
Nathan Bowen
Jeff Brower
Olivia Buntin
Charley Caton
Jorge Contreras
Frank Dickey
Cassidy Graham
Taylor Graham
Fanny Gunn
Steve Hanes
Kristy Harris
Dunte Hector
Charlyze Hemby
Jane Hemby
Will Hillenbrand
Collin Jumes
David Jumes
Macie Lincoln
Meghan Lynch
Aaryn Martinez
Nathan Massey
Tess Pitcher
Dana Pollack
Lauren Sikoski
Isabella Smith
Marissa Strandmo
Brooke Wieland
Chad Wieland
Ella Wilk
Emily Wilson
Joey Zimmerman