Olympic Quest / Lone Star Pole Vaulting

Age is NOT Just a Number
December 8, 2013

(This meet was scheduled for Saturday 12/7/13, but inclement weather forced us to move it back one day.)

We are hosting a pole vault competition for ALL AGES AND ABILITIES here at Lone Star on Sunday, December 8th. Warmups for all will begin at 1pm with the competition starting at 2pm.

All competitors' performances will be "age-graded," meaning you are given a handicap based on your age to level the playing field for overall places. There is an online calculator that does this for us based on World Records and percentages-of by age. For example, if a 57 year old male jumps 12'6 (3.81 meters), he is age-graded to 17'6 as that is the accepted handicap for that mark for that age.

We are also "gender grading" this group, meaning that every girl is a given a 3'6" handicap in addition to the age-grade to make them competitive with the boys.

This is always a very FUN and COMPETITIVE meet!.

Entry fee is $10.

No Pre-registration, just show up and Bring It!

Note: Current USATF membership is required for ongoing practices and participation in meets. To join, visit https://www.usatf.org/membership/