Tuesday, February 16, 2016 4:13 PM

Subject:                          Pole Share Coop


Pole Vaulters and Parents,

Outdoor track season is upon us!  Some of our high school vaulters actually competed at their first meets this past weekend with the majority starting this coming weekend.  Looking overall at our group, I'm pretty encouraged over the progress we've been making in technique and am confident we'll see a lot of improvement, people on the medal stands, and new PR's (personal records) along the way.

One issue always arises during school track season particularly, and that is the issue of poles to use at meets.  When we're training here at practice, we have the luxury of having a very good series of over 100 poles to select from to meet almost every size and ability level of vaulter.  While some schools also have a decent selection at hand, they are in the minority.  Step 1 for our athletes is to find out what size poles your school has, make a list of all of them including the brand on the label, length, weight, flex, serial number, etc... and bring to practice for me to review.  With any luck we can match up poles your school has that are similar to poles you use out here. 

The sad fact is, many schools don't have very many poles to choose from, and the ones they do have are often the wrong size, either too long or too short and/or with the wrong weight rating.  Also, poles of different brands made by different manufacturers often don't rate the same in terms of weight/stiffness and even if they are similar can perform very differently than what you practice on out here.  It would be nice if poles were a one-size-fits-all, however similar to golf clubs, the poles must be fit to the individual if they are to be successful.  If your school doesn't have the right poles for you to jump on, your remaining options are as follows:

  1. Jump on the wrong size pole
  2. Get the school to buy, borrow, rent the right size pole(s) for you.  We do not have rentals available nor poles to lend out, so they would have to find another supplier.
  3. Buy your own poles outright.  We offer all our members who train here a 15% discount off of the catalog price for any brand poles new.  We do take trade-ins and have some used poles for sale, but can't guarantee that we have the right sizes or preferred brands.  Unlike the Pole-Share Cooperative mentioned below, outright ownership does not afford you exchange and check-out privileges, so if you outgrow the pole(s) you buy, you can either add to your series by buying additional poles, or can trade them in less depreciation towards new poles.  This option is better suited to those who train here infrequently (1x/week or less) or who live far away.
  4. Rent your own poles.  Once again, we don't have enough inventory to offer rentals, but there are other companies that do this.
  5. Buy into our Lone Star Pole-Share Cooperative (The Co-Op).  If you practice regularly at Lone Star (2x/week or more) and/or live relatively close-by, this is a great option for you.   Similar to a "time-share," the Pole-Share Co-Op allows you shared ownership of poles in our practice series with check-out privileges for each meet.  You also have the flexibility to exchange poles for different sizes as needed and the ability to check out one extra pole in addition to each pole you own for each meet.  It effectively gives you access to the club "series" as you progress in ability and your needs change.  There are several terms and conditions that have to be met through this program though, and the biggest one is that the pole(s) must be stored here for club use anytime they are not checked out, and must be returned within 3 days of being checked out each time.  Every new pole purchased is placed on the club pole rack so that we can expand the series into duplicates, triplicates, and beyond of each size so that eventually everyone can have every pole they need for every meet.  Poles are sold in flat rates per ranges of size to keep costs affordable.

I've attached 2 documents to this email: 1) A Word document of our Pole-Share Cooperative Contract which states all the terms, conditions, rates, and eligibility.  I apologize for the lengthiness and all the legal-speak, unfortunately past experience has shown it necessary in order to protect all parties involved.  Should you decide to join the Co-Op, email me your intent with questions so we can firm up prices, and you can print and submit pages 6 and 7 along with payment.  2) An Excel spreadsheet of our current Pole-Share Membership list is attached which on one tab shows who are members and under what range of poles, and on the other tab shows a chart with which poles we have in our club inventory highlighted and where they fall into each range.

With many of you having track meets this coming weekend and little time to prepare, anyone that commits to joining the Pole-Share Co-Op or to purchasing poles outright through us will be able to check out poles for this weekend only, provided those poles are returned by Sunday evening.  After this weekend, no loans or rentals.

Please email or text me with any questions.  Calls are fine too but my availability by phone is extremely limited this time of year.



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